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Best Damn Dog Food 🤫!!!

I finally figured out the absolute BEST ingredients & combinations for dogs to eliminate excessive vet Bills and for their optimum health.

These ingredients have been tested and proven by all sizes of dogs from teacups to giant breeds & all ages from puppies to seniors.  

Sounds like every dog food company out there EXCEPT,  I actually have PROOF (HERE)!!!!

 Within a week, you will notice most of the following:

*Improvement in behavior

*Less, if any, "allergies"

*Less, if any, bad breath (if you're ok with soft bones)

*No more "Hot Spots"

*Better energy

*Losing/gaining weight


and so on..........

All of this has been proven when a dog is on a Raw Dog Food Diet (Non Commercial)!

This food journey has taken over 18 years! (Yes, I've been making dog food that long)

More Dog Food Info Here:

Where's the proof!???

Bailey Jo is 16+ Years Old, 0 $ in Vet Bills. Yes, REALLY!!!

Bailey Jo's - Instagram

Here's something to think about:

*Dog's DO NOT have Allergies! 🤯 

*Dog's DO NOT need Carbohydrates! 🍚 

(Rice, Oatmeal, Etc.)

*Dog's DO NOT need Veggies! 🥦 

*What the hell is Kibble. What can you actually identify? ⁉️ 

*If your dog was lost, what do you think they would eat? (Answer, small animals, birds, carrion, etc)

More Dog Food Info Here: