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Dog Training

We teach the "Basic Manners", which every dog should know and learn.

We will also teach you how to improve the relationship between You & Your Dog!


We approach this from a Behavioral & Breed perspective. 

1 on 1 (In Person) Dog Training Sessions:

This is  a 1 on 1 session for the "Basics"

  • The "Basics Manners" include:

  • Leash training 

  • Decreasing or eliminating reactivity (excessive barking, pulling, freaking out, etc.)

  • Improving & Enhancing your Relationship with your dog

$75 per Hour

Just need some Quick Advice?

Many of you just need some quick dog tips!
For example:
"How to get my dog to walk on a leash?" 
"My dog hates his kennel! Help!" 
"My dog is being destructive! Help"

With my extensive background dealing with dogs, there's almost nothing I having dealt with. 

You can get 'First Hand' information from me! 

I'm here to help! 🙂