Hairy Lil' Schitz


Jason's Background & Experience:

Jason wanted to be a Veterinarian since 3 years old, but since he couldn't only do  dogs, that didn't happen. His passion and research continued throughout the years and he finally created Hairy LiL' Schitz !

This has given him the dream of being able to help awesome pet parents with Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Dog Training, Therapy & even Canine Nutrition (Certified Professional Canine Nutritionist & Personal Dog Chef! 😎).

His Dog Resume:

  •  22+ years of experience from Breeding & Raising over 50 dogs of various breeds

  • Maintained a 'Herd' of 16 Pitbulls (2x in my life) 🐶

  • Dog Trainer

  • Dog Behaviorist

  • Dog Rescue & Rehab

  • Dog Boarding Business

  • Dog Walking & Pet Care Business

  • Own (2) Working Therapy Dogs 

  • Certified Professional Canine Nutritionist

  • Created a dog food formation (of Real Raw Food) to have a Super Active/Healthy 16 year old dog along with a teacup Yorkie. (Bailey Jo)

Go check out the senior dog (Bailey Jo) Instagram (my_bailey_jo) & her YouTube for proof.

Basically, he's known as a:

🐶 Dog Prodigy 🐶